Bannière de Sell Your Vehicle

Sell Your Vehicle

Benefits of Selling Your Vehicle at Belvedere Occasion

1. The Right Price

At Belvedere Occasion, our commitment is to a fair price for your current vehicle, without compromise. When you buy your new car with us, we always offer a fair price and we want to do the same thing when you sell us your car! 

Our team will always make sure to properly evaluate your vehicle as to offer you the best possible value for it.

2. No Purchase Required

It is not necessary to buy a vehicle at Belvedere Occasion for you to sell us yours! Regardless of the reason, whether you need to get rid of it or it just does not fit your needs anymore - we'll buy it and will offer the best value for it. No purchase is therefore required!

3. We Accept Them All

All vehicles are welcomed at Belvedere Occasion. No matter the make, model or year, we'll buy it from you!

 Whether your vehicle is worn out or still looks brand new, our team will offer you a fair price for it and will take care of the rest!

How much can you get for your vehicle?