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Credit problems? Solutions exist

Do you need a used vehicle, but are afraid that your credit problems will prevent you from buying the vehicle you want? At Belvédère Occasion, we can help you. Our auto loan specialists have already helped thousands of buyers like you, and they can help you too.

Simplified car loan

First, it's important to remember that credit problems can happen to anyone despite the best of intentions. A sudden job loss, illness or divorce can quickly turn into a temporary financial nightmare.

Unfortunately, these events continue to affect your credit even though you have taken control of your budget situation. This is where the Belvédère Occasion team is able to help you by developing financing solutions tailored to you that will give you access to the car loan you need.

We will work with you to fully understand your situation and needs. We can then help you find the used vehicle that will meet these needs while respecting your budget. Better yet, you will be able to rebuild your credit little by little since we will make sure to find the financial solution that is adapted to your budget and that will allow you to easily meet the monthly payments related to your car.

By doing so, you will demonstrate that you can meet your commitments, and your credit will improve.

Car credit accepted at 99%

At Belvédère Occasion, 99% of applications are approved because we work with our customers to fully understand their needs, and we take the time to answer all their questions and to fully explain each financing solution available to them in order to sure to find the one that suits you best.

Come and discover our complete inventory of high-quality used vehicles today at Belvédère Occasion! Once you have found the vehicle that best suits your needs, we will find the financing solution that best suits your budget!

Posted in On Apr 25, 2019